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We do IT right the first time,

we mean it and guarantee it!

When we say we do IT services right all the time, that doesn’t mean we are perfect.  What it means is we always take the approach that our customers and their success is paramount. Without their success, we can never be successful.  This is why a majority of RJK’s new business comes from referrals and why customers stick with us ongoing.


RJK Technology’s focus on the Microsoft Cloud Platforms, 20+ years of industry experience, and simple approaches towards solving challenges are what separate us from our competition.  We want to complete a project where our customers can easily use, support and maintain the systems we deploy.  We feel it's common for technology projects to be over engineered and quickly become too difficult to use and/or too costly to maintain.  Often it's the simple solutions which can make the largest impact.


Headquartered in San Diego, California, we work on behalf of the customers we serve.

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Connecting business technology
Banner sharing our expertise in domain migration

1. Expert domain migrations for                                servers, workstations & user accounts

2. Azure and Microsoft 365 optimization, 

    deployment &  management

Banner sharing our expertise in connecting with our customers

3. Connected to our customers to meet &          exceed their needs

Ability to help deploy Microsoft Solutions around the world
Microsoft Cloud expert

Helping your business find the right IT solutions.

We promise to clearly define the key success factors and purpose behind each technology process implemented & ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the end result. 

RJK Technology's website on a tablet
RJK Technology's website on a tablet
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Doing IT Right  

ALL of the Time!

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Deploying Microsoft Solutions

We focus on solving business challenges using Microsoft technologies in simple ways.

Microsoft Cloud Experts

500+ customers migration to Microsoft 365 and hundreds of servers migrated to Azure

Straightforward Solutions

We remove the complexities and deploy manageable IT solutions customized for each business.

Service Guarantees

We offer fixed price projects and reocurring services. RJK guarantees the success of each project.


The RJK Expertise Offers

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Microsoft Cloud Migrations

Transition to Microsoft 365 or Azure with the confidence of a Microsoft Partner who has migrated over 500+ organizations

Identity Modernization, Domain Migrations & Management

Complex identity scenarios often arise during cloud migrations, mergers, divestitures which often require collapsing, forking, migrating domains and/or simplifying your local Active Directories.

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Microsoft Cloud Security

Protect your business and information with Microsoft 365 which includes the Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite of cloud security tools.

Modern Desktop Experiences

Change the way you provide endpoint support with Windows 10 managed by Microsoft 365.

Respect, Integrity, Accountability & Collaboration

We believe our core values cohesively align with our mission of “Doing IT Right All of the Time”

serving as a declaration of how we treat each other and our partners.

We listen to our customers' technology challenges in order to design and deliver the right solutions. We work together to eliminate the complexities often seen with IT projects. RJK Technology's IT projects are incredibly successful due to straightforward engineering solutions which require NO additional in house knowledge. In addition our solutions are cost effective to maintain making our company a desirable partner. By leveraging the Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud platforms, organizations can now unify their technology investments into a single service provider for:

  • business productivity

  • servers

  • virtual desktops

  • communications

  • file management

  • business process automation

  • security and compliance

In doing so, we compliment the largest software company in the world, Microsoft, by helping their platform to do what they do best. In the end, you can trust RJK to meet your businesses needs, exceed performance expectations and deliver successful solutions that will save you time, energy, and money.  

How We Work

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